Dear Shaded Viewers,

The night before I left for a speed trip to Milan I had a lovely dinner with Sandra Backlund. We talked about all the great things that are currently going on in her life.

Sandra Backlund

Next day I was off to Milan which has basically been un-documented due to the fact that there was no internet connection in my not very charming hotel. In fact if my lovely friend Franca Soncini had not invited Robb Young, Beniamino and I to join her and Giorgiana Ravizza for dinner at her home I think that Robb and I would have been quite depressed. Enough said, or rather not said , on that subject. There was the friendly giant that managed to get the internet to work for about one hour out of 48.

Dinner was lovely and the next day Beniamino Marini took me to the Trussardi Foundation so that I could see something beautiful and then he, Robb and I went to visit my hero, Mauro, of the plastic hairpins in his salon, les garcons de la rue. I cannot travel without them and I’ve never managed to find the plastic hairpins in Paris.

Robb Young and Beniamino Marini at les garcons de la rue waiting for Mauro and my pins.

Mauro, the angel that saved my life with the plastic pin solution.

Then we went off to the first show of the White Club where we ran into some friends.


Peter Pilotto and Mikio Sakabe

After the show Robb and I went off for a quiet dinner. Giorgiana Ravizza had suggested a resto that served cuisine that felt like home cooking.


Exhausted we went back to our hotel where neither one of us was able to sleep…



Diane Pernet

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