My Last Day in Stockholm

Dear Shaded Viewers,

My first stop this morning was the +46 tradeshow where I had a few appointments and then watched the shows of Rickard Lindqvist and Pudel.

Rickard Lindqvist, the illustrated man

Kim Jones had a series of interviews, everyone wanted to know about his new collaboration with the British luxury brand, Dunhill. What some could not understand is that he is doing exactly what he has dreamed of doing since he started designing. He always wanted to be the creative director for a luxury brand. He’s happy, he’s bought a house, life is cool. He’s up for the job and he is going to create great things. +46’s Tomas Rajnai

Nicolas Richard and Sandra Backlund and Martin, Gori and Tomas at +46

Pudel showed at +46

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Ania Chorabik, the beautiful multi-talented artist, model and singer wearing a shirt that she hand painted. Ania is also ASVONF’s Swedish contributor. Her last entry was when she was performing in Japan, google her name here, you will enjoy the posts.

I love Helena Horstedt’s work but I did not think it was the best move to put all of the international press in the 5th row where we could hardly see anything much less take photos. The models moved so fast it is basically one big blur.

Helena Horstedt

Helena Horstedt and ex-model turned stylist

Take Sato from Monocle and Robbie Spencer from Dazed and Confused kitted out in Acne. My last full day in Mr. Pearl’s monkey coat.

You Wear it Well 2 returned to Stockholm for the 2nd edition and another warm welcome, thank you +46.



Nicolas Richard and a director for edition 3 of YWITW and Nico and +46’s Kristian

The last person I saw tonight was Sandra Backlund, full of good energy after her very successful first show.

Sandra Backlund

Tomorrow Paris and then a very quick trip to NYC.



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