So nice to be in this beautiful Medieval city (village?), far from home, seeing friends that I never get to see nearly enough. (Mark Eley, this especially goes out to you, you big sexy ox. Sorry…I mean bear….bear!)

The Noovo Festival has been loads of fun, not only becuase of the excellent curation efforts on behalf of Diane, Jorge and Charo, but the city itself is so easy to be in. Amble around. Drink. Smile. Drink. Good coffee. Winding micro-street after winding micro-street. Super nice people. And one of the most opulent churches I’ve ever seen.

That said, I’ve been living the life of a vampire and can’t seem to shake it. Short of Wing Shya, who came in from the Far East (and sadly, whom I have yet to see or meet), I think Gustavo Venegas (my companion on this journey) and I came nearly as far in terms of jet-laggable miles. Our first night here, the program hadn’t started yet. We got some food. Went out for a drink. Then another. And another. And as seems to always happen, a couple of tranny hookers (Brazilian, no less) appear from the corner of a bar to take Gustavo and I under their smoothly shaven wings to act as guardian angels.

At one point in la madrugada, 6 of us used the same alleyway to take a much-needed # 1. One of the trannies stood to do the do, while the other squatted. I didn’t take a photo, but I very much appreciated her dedication to the illusion, all the same. (She said, “I squat because I have a vagina; she stands because she has co