Shanghai Fashion Week with Jean Pierre Braganza by Levi Palmer

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Shanghai fashion week was loads of fun and I have to
thank John Walford for organizing it for Jean Pierre
and I.

John Walford

John produces many fashion shows in london and
elsewhere and has a great cv which includes Westwood
and Chalayan shows so it was an honour to work with
him. He also brought Bora Aksu and his wife Fella to
shanghai to show the day after Jean Pierres


The hospitality of the organizers was lovely. We
arrived on the 27th and the first day we enjoyed a
lack of responsibilty by dinning and shopping, all of
which was accompanied by an interpreter and driver.
Jean Pierre and I were in search of a good counterfit
man bag, which we were unsuccesful in finding until
the day of the show, but we did find many other things
along the way. the following day we did model castings
and styled the show.


The models, to my surprise, were
quite tall, especialy the male models. Afterwards;
Bora, Fella, Jean Pierre and I felt adventurous so we
decided to risk dining on our own without the
interpreter. We were amazed when the bill for our very
filling meal and drinks come to a total of only 16
pounds. Moday the 29th was Jean Pierres show in the
park tents.


Outside there were many people doing tai
chi and waltz classes in the open, which i though was
inspiring. The city itself was slightly less
inspiring as most of it had the feel of tall council
estate buildings, but there were a few exceptional


His show went over very well and i wish we
could have stayed for the rest of the weeks show but
unfortunatly we both had responsibilities to return to
in london. Boras show was the following day, his
collection was lovely the photo i included i pulled
from the Shanghai fashion week website. jet lag was a
bitch though,


JP Braganza and Levi Palmer

Text and photos by Levi Palmer

Levi Palmer


Diane Pernet

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