A day at White in Milan

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Robb Young is my dear friend as you have probably noticed and I cannot resist photographing him when ever he is around. I even dared to photograph him at breakfast when it was just too early…

For the past few seasons WHITE created 12 hours which is a space dedicated to one designer for each of the days of the White Fair. The designers have a great exhibition space where they can meet the press and buyers for 12 hours. Todd Lynn had the space today and we enjoyed a little chat about how his business has been growing over these past few years.

Todd Lynn in his 12 hour space

Richard Nicoll did his best collection to date and the press and buyers loved it.

Richard Nicoll

Festival d’Hyeres winner Sandra Backlund previews a bit of her Spring. If you have not seen it yet, she has the cover of Surface magazine this month. I enjoyed looking at it at Malpensa today.

Sandra Backlund

Sandra Backlund

Jens Laugesen did his first graphic ethnic collection mixing traditional gypsey looks with Pierre Cardin inspirations and turning it all on end to come up with a totally personal and very strong collection.



Chaco did the mise en scene and the sales for Share Spirit


Marios Schwab’s and Albino d’Amato’s handbags are part of the Serapian Milano first project giving designers the opportunity to produce their first handbag. Other participants in this project include Richard Nicoll, Albino D’Amato and Vincent Du Sartel. www.serapian.com
Serapian Milano – the first bag project

Barbara Grispini is the muse of some of London’s most talented young designers. Kristian Aadnevil is among them, Robb and I could not help but imagine Barbara in one of his black bustier dresses.

Barbara Grispini and Kristian Aadnevil’s black dress

Kristian Aadnevil and his assistant


A F Vandervorst white and black shoes below:

A F Vandervorst shoes


Marios Schwab’s shoes, cannot help but think about the film Crash…

Daniel and Julie Clancey and shoe designer, Joey McMakin

Joey McMakin shoes

Robb and Martin outside of Victim Fashion Street and Mei Hui , Victim Fashion Street

This beautiful man just appeared and silently took care of me and my luggage and never said a word. Exactly what I need in my life. I’d be thrilled if I never had to carry another heavy bag….

The last two people I saw before heading off to Malpensa were Martine Hadida from l’Eclaireur and Robb Young.

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