My visit with the boys from ASH and Marcia Dossin

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Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I showed you the two shirts that Dino bought , both were designed by Ash, one Dino bought as a gift but then decided the shirts were too cool to part with, so the friend is out of luck.A new friend Dennis set up some appointments for me today to meet a few young designers. The first stop was the studio of Ash.

The two halves of Ash

Ash cuts are very sensual and all of the illustrations are thematic generally focused on the world condition as they see it. Some are more feminine and others can be worn by either sex. They also make jeans, toys and do paintings on paper.


Ash toys, pins and above paintings

Marcia Dossin


Their friend Marcia Dossin , magpie collections, likes to make belts with elastic. She identifies with the elastic part of life. She also created a series of animal collars like the one she is wearing and a lovely sky and a milky way necklace out of resin.




Diane Pernet

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