Guerrila Store Vienna/Unit F Festival and the work of Shari Pierce

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Shari Pierce was one of the winners for the Pierre Lang So Fresh Award.

All of her jewellery is made from Cardboard, found housepaint, and old
jewellery or fake metal chains. Her concept for the clothing was to take 2nd hand clothes that were going to be thrown away,
dip them also in housepaint, and use cardboard inside to make strange shapes.

” I will continue working
with this concept and am doing still installations with the clothing and jewellery in galleries in the next coming months.”


Jewellery and Clothing Artwork and Concept: Shari Pierce
Title of Body of Work: Cardboard Democracy
Materials: Cardboard Boxes, Found HousePaint, Old Costume Jewellery/ Fake Metal Chains, Second Hand Clothes

Photos Still Life Clothing/ Street & Gallery/ Jewellery: Mason Douglas
Photos Live Show with Model: Gerhard Krejci/ Simona Katzlinger
Styling: Yoppy Yoshida

Upcoming Exhibitions
Shari Pierce / Cardboard Democracy
Galerie Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam, NL
July 28- August 25th



Diane Pernet

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