Preview for Noovo International Festival for Fashion and Photography in Santiago de Compostela November 1 – 4, 2007

Dear Shaded Viewers,



Robb Young and I went to visit the location for Noovo’s first international festival for photography and fashion. The other day I showed you a few of the images, hre are a few more.

Charo Gonzalez, Jorge Margolles, the founders of Noovo International Festival fro Fashion and Photography

I loved that you pass by laundry on the way to the TV studio


Nothing is more relaxing than a walk through the cemetary, actually the bodies have been removed and the cemetary is now a park.


Charo Gonzalez, Jorge Margolles at the location for the photography exhibit, this is one of 3 floors. You Wear it Well 2 will be screened on the ground floor, FLY DVD will also be screened here. The other floors will contain the work of 10 photographers.

Charo and Jorge wanted to show Robb and I the location for the 3rd edition of Noovo International Festival for Fashion and Photography. The construction of the new City of Culture designed by Peter Eisenman will be finished in two years.

Charo asking permission to see the construction site. It was as difficult as getting into Fort Knox.




The power of architecture, with these photos I don’t risk getting hired as an architectual photographer. None the less I wanted to give you a first look at the new museum that no doubt will do for Santiago what the Guggenheim did for Bilbao. Two more years. THird edition of Noovo International festival for photography and fashion. You do not want to miss the first edition, stay tuned for more details.



Diane Pernet

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