Cannes 2007 –

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Finally I’ve found decent coverage of Cannes 2007, even if you don’t speak French you can enjoy the bande announce.


I cannot begin to tell you how dissatisfied I’ve been with the official Cannes site. Not up to date at all, in fact in all the years that I’ve visited that site, this is by far the worst and slowest coverage ever. Maybe it will get better as the week goes on. It’s improved slightly today.

Feature Films In Competition

4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS directed by Cristian MUNGIU
ALEXANDRA directed by Alexander SOKUROV
THE EDGE OF HEAVEN directed by Fatih AKIN
DEATH PROOF directed by Quentin TARANTINO
IMPORT EXPORT directed by Ulrich SEIDL
THE BANISHMENT directed by Andre

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