The April winner of “You Wear it Well/Got a Minute?” is Miss ile by Underbellyfilm

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Iqons is happy to announce that Miss ile by Underbelly Film is our first winner for “You Wear it Well/Got a Minute?”
Every day, from 9:30-9:45am CET, EST, PST and 9:30-9:45pm CET Miss ile will be screened on the homepage of IQONS.
There’s still time for your video to be screened in June! If you would like to see your video about fashion, beauty or style on the IQONS homepage – and in a special portfolio at You Wear It Well – visit the You Wear It Well / Got a Minute? page for submission requirements.

Dino and I really love this film so we are happy to hear that you do too.



P.S. Be Dino wants you as his friend on IQONS.COM

May 16th is the deadline to enter for “New Generation

Diane Pernet

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