Mario Canal: More on ID at the Passage Souterrain.

Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,
Well, Ruben Santiago and I went back to the Passage Souterrain this morning before Ruben went back to Barcelona. You know the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. I have to say that I didn’t expect to find any of the IDs from yesterday left… But: Surprise! Half of them were still attached to the wall.
Why? Who knows… Maybe the people, the casual spectators, were afraid of it being a trap or something like that.
What I can say is that watching the video of the hidden camera is such fun!
People taking the IDs and then putting them back, people surprised and -you can tell by their attitud- nervous, excited… Just the feelings I expected to create. We will post the video images on the internet asap…
Participating in a crime always brings about a childish sensation… Like doing something forbidden and therefore exciting.
I loved to do it and loved the fact that we were able to share this with people I love.
Here are some of the “day after” images:
This is Ruben Santiago checking out the result of his piece.
I hope that people will keep making things with the remains of the intervention. Like these tags on the ID holders.
I will keep on passing by to check, so if you feel like going and participating on the project -via taking any of the IDs, credit cards, etc- you will be very welcome.
As you can see, people took the IDs and then put them back in a different position.
So that’s it for the moment, will keep you posted on the evolution of this exhibition.

Mario Canal

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