Yvon Lambert presents Jenny Holzer

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Jenny Holzer Most Merciful and Gracious Green

My friend Vincent Gagliostro and I decided that today was a good day to visit Saint Gervais and to light a candle. We did not find an alter with candles anywhere in the church and asked the nun that I found if there were any candles somewhere in the church. We were told no candles on Fridays. Do you know what the significance of no candles on Fridays means? We don’t.

Beautiful day so next we decided to visit a few galleries and in the meantime see if we could find a church with candles on Friday all the better. Walking into Yvon Lambert I had the good fortune to run into Pierre Marie, I had not seen him in what feels like ages, Pierre Marie created the You Wear it Well logo, among many other things.

Jenny Holzer exhibit and Nico infront of a terrorist’s hand print

Jenny Holzer presents a series of recent paintings of declassified government documents, which trace the post-September 11th landscape. Her new work represents the ongoing debate on operations of the American government, namely prisoner abuse and related tragedies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. Internal mail, letters, and reports made available to the public through the Freedom of Information Act form the body of material displayed. Holzer uncovers the relationship between disclosure and concealment, lighting the past and present through the display of visually arresting work.


FBI Blue by Jenny Holzer

Pierre Marie and Nicholas Nahab. Pierre Marie is wearing a t-shirt of Roman Kremer’s, he designed the graphics on it THey are standing in front of Louise Lawler’s work.She photographs other artists work in exhibitions or private homes. Vincent Gagliostro in front of Jenny Holzer’s classified Secret painting.


We left the gallery, walked a few blocks and stopped into another church, it had only 5 candles, we lit two.



Diane Pernet

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