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Dear Shaded Viewers,

Since the reception is so poor in my room I can never seem to finish one day in one post. Here is the end of day 3. Images from the shows will come later. I already told you that they have a ban on even the press taking photos at the shows so now I don’t even bother hence only the mood of Delhi fashion week and no show pics.

In between shows we gather in the VIP lounge. Here is the beautiful new features editor at Vogue India with one of the up and coming designers and of course the golden boy Manish with Robin from Maria Luisa Paris.



It was really funny, the day before I came to New Delhi I had been on Style.com and was enjoying the images from House of Waris’ party at Bergdorfs and beyond. So I sent Waris an e mail to tell him that the party looked great and I was sorry not to have been there. I also told him that I was off to New Delhi and asked him if there were any things that I absolutely must see. His response was I have a surprise for you, I am in India and I can pass by New Delhi for 24 hours and see you. I was thrilled so here are a few images from last night. Waris passed by my hotel room and he, Robb YOung and I had some tea and a nice chat. I heard everything about his amazing party and I even have it on tape so one day I’ll post a short sound byte for you.
JC Reports meets House of Waris
Jason, Mr. J C Reports was really excited when I told him that Waris was coming to Delhi and so we invited him over and then all 4 of us went to the Dublin for a fashion party. We were guests of the new features editor of Vogue India, Bandana Tewari.
Waris on route to Dublin party

Waris and Bandana Tewari

We wanted Waris to meet Bandana and the funny thing was when they did actually meet, Bandana had just received a fax about Waris that day on her desk. …There are no accidents in life.

Bandana was amazing, she could tell I was not much into the party and asked me if I wanted to go to her room and order room service, so Waris and I were delighted to take her up on her offer. I might add her room was much more beautiful than mine.



Robb came up and joined us and then when we left we noticed the clean up the room sign, wanted to take if for Lydia and her collection but thought twice about it as Bandana probably would need it in the morning. So Lydia, if you are watching, you were on my mind.


So ends the Waris adventure in New Delhi.




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