last night in Paris and my arrival in Tokyo today

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The night before I left for Tokyo Wing Shya passed by my apartment. He is in Paris for a fashion shoot. Wing does all the still photos of Wong Kar Wai’s films and is a filmmaker himself. His two submissions are the first for both You Wear it Well 2 and “You Wear it Well/Got a Minute?”. One of his films should be posted on under the page dedicated to “You Wear it Well/Got a Minute?” very soon.

Everyone told me that while I am in Tokyo that I absolutely must visit the National Art Center here . Wing already has had a one man show there and it only opened 21st of January.

So Shaded Viewers and friends of IQONS, where are your films?

Wing Shya and an image from his i pod of his show at the National Art Center of Tokyo. You cannot see it that well but the huge poster was taken on the set of one of Wong Kar Wai’s film. There were hundreds of photographs on the wall and the exhibit was packed.

CDG to Narita
Thanks to Mauro ‘Les Garcons dans la Rue’ for providing me with plastic hair pins and Daniel from PIG magazine in Milan for introducing me to Mauro…I went through the airport security without sounding the alarm. Bless you two. I know that you are all laughing at my security check problem, but the fact that 4 times I had to wait for the Police to come and the last trip to Lecce with 4 security checks after I got through the security control.. the humour of the situation was eluding me.

Lucky you are seeing the photographer here and not the subject…

I’ve just arrived in Tokyo and to be honest I have not ventured outside of my room. I am exhausted. Later when I meet Kaoru Sasaki, the Editor in Chief and Creative Directer of commons&sense Magazine for dinner I will be able to show you more than my view. I have been invited to Tokyo to celebrate l’Eclaireur’s first anniversary in Tokyo and to cover the Tokyo collections for commons&sense Magazine. It’s been l7 years since my last visit to Japan. Tokyo is known for it’s newness…you can imagine, l7 years is like a century.


This is definitely a room with a view.

Dinner at Marou with Kaoru Sasaki and Akiko Hamaoka. My two favourite foods are Japanese and Italian. Here are a few of our many dishes tonight.

Kaoru Sasaki Editor in Chief and Creative Director of commons&cense Magazine inside and outside Marou where we were Karou treated me to a delicious dinner.

Akiko met me at the airport and will be with me through out the trip. Here she is with early cherry blossoms in my hotel lobby. Unlike Paris, it is very easy to find a taxi on the street.




Diane Pernet

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