Costume – Dries pics from Sonny later

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Just a little flash, I liked Costume and the Capucciesque sleeves that reminded me of the vaulted ceiling in Ennio’s home in Lecce. Loved the sexy cocktail dresses with graphic ribbons of color and a sprinkling of black jet, knit collars and shawls.

Dries was beautiful as only Dries can be. Plenty of clothes to dream about. Knit bands at the bottom of dresses, embroideries, volume dresses over skinny trousers, wonderful ethnic trousers that turned totally urban and beautifully draped dresses. One in particular in red… but the show production was distracting and annoying with dressers running like chickens without their heads on during the entire show. It was , as is the trend this season, a show about the process of a show and although on paper it might have looked good in reality, in my opinion, it just did not work. Perhaps if the dressers were more invisible it would have been poetic. That said , the collection certainly was.



Diane Pernet

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