Swedish Fashion Week continues with Nakkna and Anne Sofie Back

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I’m back in Paris and wanted to give you the last shows from Stockholm Fashion Week. It is super convenient when you are staying in Berns Hotel which is the same location as the majority of the shows.

I loved the lights in the Nakkna show although it appears inspired by the Master of Darkness. It reminded me of when I did shows and the cameramen from CNN told me that I had a choice – to continue to light for atmosphere or to provide something sufficient for the cameras. The camera guy even went so far as to say that I could call him to advise on my lighting to let me know what he needed. I understood. The only part of the collection that I saw was the finale at the end.



Naomi and the team from Bon Magazine

Berns Hotel shots, loved this place. Strinberg, history, one could only imagine what used to go on in those rooms.

Don’t you love these lights? Margarta, asked Viktor and Rolf to design a pair of glasses with their H & M collaboration. She is wearing them here.

At the BACK show all you could see was Anne Sofie in the beginning and with my flash I could catch the audience. The press person would not allow Sonny backstage and even went so far as to call the security guards. Sonny did not even have his camera with him at the time. It did not make him very happy, nor Lee nor I.


At Anne Sofie’s show

Lee Yong Soo, Japanese Vogue and a photo for Stureplan by Ivan Nunez of Alice Leeburn WGSN, Ben Gorham, REDO and I.

Lee Carter and Sonny Vandevelde



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