Femmes Heroiques, Une Mythologie Moderne – in preparation

Dear Shaded Viewers,


I just want to give you a preview of the treasures that will await you at the next exhibit presented by Arts Plus at the Musee de l’Homme opening March 8th. Passport, or David Gil as I like to call him, is taking part in the Modern Mythology. He has gathered together a group of artists that he has been working with ever since he was preparing his project for the festival d’Hyeres last year. BTW He won two prizes, the public and the 1,2,3. Pictured above is a giant mosquito that lives by eating Beaux Arts magazines.

Passport being interviewed.

The exhibit is a collaboration of artists. They include Olivier Goulet, Marc Gassier and Thomasine Giesecke. all presenting their vision on heroic women in modern mythology. David asked me to pass by the shooting of the making of. He curated his exhibit and was the first to be interviewed.

Marc Gassiers and his giant mosquito

It was only then that I realised that I was the inspiration for this work. I am without words. I found myself in front of a camera answering a few questions. It was totally unexpected but how could I refuse.


The mini-size insects will adorn the dress. The insects will cascade down the front of a piece designed by Passport. Those long pins that I use to attach my veil did cross my mind.

Olivier Goulet and Marc Gassiers Philippe de Saint Mart Guilet, the art director of the exhibit and David Gil.



Diane Pernet

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