McDermott & McGough Please Don’t Stop Loving Me at Galerie Jerome de Noirmont

Dear Shaded Viewers,

After I left my beautiful Australian friends I went off with David Gil to the opening of my old NYC friends, McDermott & McGough. Their opening was amazing, the show is practically sold out. I never went to an opening and saw so many red dots.


Now After All Those Things You Told Me, l965, 2006

I love these titles:

No Bluer Was He Than I, 1965, 2006

Because of Him, 1965, 2006

Romance can die like a cigarette, 1965,2006

The Night That We Called it a Day, l965, 2006

Love Bloomed Like a Flower and Then The Petals Fell, 1965, 2006


How Could it End Like This? 1965,2006

There Wasn’t a Thing Left to Say, 1965, 2006

This is David signing my book, Peter was off being filmed. How great is it to see rooms full of red dots.

McDermott & McGough Please Don’t Stop Loving Me! 19 January – 15 March l965*
Galerie Jerome de Noirmont
38 Avenue Matignon 75008




The catalogue written by David Buckley is a treasure. The Time Project explained and an intimate interview with the two artists, David McDermott and Peter MGough written by another artist, David Bukley who knows the two very well. It’s the man/woman struggle explained and how at an early age film noir saved them from the boredom of suburban life.

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