Brains by Olivier Goulet

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday morning I showed you the windows designed by David Gil and the artist Olivier Goulet of the skin bags.



Olivier Goulet is a multi-media artist and performer who’s work fits somewhere between activism and human design.

His work is about decoding principal identity, questioning the roots and problems of the past to understand what man is not about. HIs interest is in self-study and mutation.

The computer, latex, plaster, photography and video and text allow him to explain himself through various media. His work is interactive and often he uses mirrors that deform.


The skin bags are made of human synthetic skin. It’s one of those attraction repulsion kind of things.

Each bag is an extension of the body. The skin bag invites you to touch it.

His principal work has been the making of human trophies that can be ordered through the mail. the bionic man and boxes of insects.



for the commercial side, and
for art pieces

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