Day 4 Zinebi the press conference and screening tonight of You Wear it Well at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and of course, another visit to Persuade

Dear Shaded Viewers,


The morning started with a press conference for You Wear it Well held in an old church. I was greeted by Ines from the ZINEBI festival. I did a few TV interviews before going inside for the conference. What I forgot to say to the tv was that You Wear it Well would love to have Pedro Almodovar do a short film for the 2nd edition of You Wear it Well.

Directors of festivals are always on the phone.

I managed to get the Director and his associate, Ines to stop long enough for one image to send to you. It is my last full day in Bilbao and of course I am going over to Persuade to see Rosa for one last time.


I will let you know how YWITW goes later. I am really happy because the screening before ours is James Benning’s Ten Skies and it is l0 minutes per sky and no sound. A little bit of nature before You Wear it Well.

I am back at Persuade, cannot get enough of this place, every time I go there I discover something else that I love.
Maison Martin Margiela loves Persuade, he wrote this to Rosa and Paolo when they opened. MMM’s films will be shown tonight at the Guggenheim Bilbao.

Rosa and Paolo own Persuade. Rosa takes care of the clothes and Paolo the furniture and objects, together they are an amazing team and have made me feel very welcome in Bilbao.


Now you know that when you go to Bilbao there are two things that you must do: visit the Guggenheim Museum and if you are looking for clothes or furniture the place to go is Persuade.






Diane Pernet

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