The rest of my 24hour trip to London

Dear Shaded Viewers,

After the IQONS party I was ready for my bed in Notting Hill but Amechi from FLUX magazine convinced me that as it was 30’s night at the Cafe Royal I absolutely had to go. I asked Robb Young and his beautiful friend Hind if they would come with me, they said yes and off we went.
Robb was wearing those sexy Boudicca trousers and I insisted that he let me photograph them even though he’d already put on his coat.



There is a limit to how long I stay anywhere so when I was ready to leave, Robb took me to the taxi, he and Hind stayed on. Our plan was to meet for the Japan Fashion Week lunch chaired by Andrew Tucker.


End of day 1

I had breakfast with my friend Mei Hui by the Ritz where I ran into an old friend of mine that used to work at the New York TImes. He had been a support to me when I started my career as a designer. It was really funny, Jeffrey came up to my table and said, do you remember me? It had been 20 years.

After breakfast Mei Hui and I met up with RObb Young and went over to the Japan Fashion Week conference directed by Andrew Tucker.

Michael from BLOW PR, Mei Hui and Andrew Tucker just before his lecture which went seamlessly. He’s absolutley great as a speaker. We met a few years ago in Istanbul when we were both invited by Yazbukey.

After the conference I had a meeting at Yaucha, my tea salon of choice when in London, with an events planner to see if he had any interesting ideas for sponsorship. I was happy that Robb could be there as well. He was meeting a friend he had not seen in 8 years. The plan was after the meeting with Sanjay to go with Mark Eley and Yuni to Camden to meet a woman that custom makes platform shoes. A dream come true. Mei Hui found her for me but at that hour, l7h in the rain, there was no way that we could get there and back to Waterloo station on time for my train. Instead we stayed at the tea salon and then my friend Elaine passed by to say good bye. It was her birthday yesterday and Uni’s birthday that day. Mark Eley made my trip quite dreamy he picked me up at Waterloo when I arrived, took me to Nottinghill and to the Slaughtered Lamb on my first day making it all quite seamless and then took me to the train the next day. Thank you Mark. We had a little Gumball 3000 revival when Yuni showed up and I got to see Robb up until the end which always makes me happy.

Yaucha is the blue backdrop and my Toraya of London at Berwick and Broadwick. Mark and Yuni are around the corner.



Diane Pernet

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