Human Aids candle by Idriz Jossa

For World Aids Day December 1st 2006, ‘Designers against Aids’ and
Idriz Jossa present:


A handmade and limited edition candle in the form of a 3 pound heavy
bowling pin with a red aids ribbon around its neck instead of the usual
two red rings.

The bowling pin stands for the human body: vulnerable and easy to fall
down when under attack -for instance by the hiv virus- and for the fact
that many people play with their health.

The candle stands for hope and for remembrance.

On December 1st, we will light HumanAids candles in Antwerp, Leuven,
Brussels, Ghent and Maasmechelen (the exact locations will be
communicated closer to the day) to remember all the people who have
died from aids -and to draw attention to the fact that the only way to
prevent yourself and your partner(s) from getting infected by the hiv
virus is to use protection when having sex.

You can see the HumanAids candles for the first time at the DAA
presentation during the Modo Bruxellae parcours (October 27th-29th) at
Monsieur K,
A. Dansaertstraat 115.

The HumanAids candle is for sale for 99

Diane Pernet

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