Lunch with Maria Mastori, Filep Motwary and Costas Argiriou and his girlfriend

Dear Shaded Viewers,
After my inspired meeting with Loukia, Theodora walked me over to the cafe where Filep was waiting for me. It was our meeting spot for Maria Mastori and Costas Argiriou and his actress girlfriend to pick us up and take us to lunch.

We all thought that it would be nice to have a change of scene.
Costas did the music for 7 of the shows and Maria and Filep had their successful show yesterday. I was very happy for the change .
Maria ordered and it was one amazing dish after another. I’d never had eel cooked in wine before and this was my first black dish.
Sunday seemed to be a day for lovers, we ran into Nic and Nathalie as well who had spent the day enjoying the sun.
At this point I probably should have walked home but I guess it was a bit too far. If you are ever in Athens I definitely suggest Jimmys Fish, of course not if you are Robb Young who hates the sight of fish in any form.

I am now running off to see the last of today’s shows.



Last trip to Zappeion. Intense security and the press is kept outside waiting for the last show.

This trip would not be complete without one more taxi story. I’ve noticed that most taxi drivers here have bad eye sight. It took two taxi’s to find one that could read the hotel card. The final taxi could see and found the hotel with no problem. This is the newstand by my hotel. Just like the way it looks.

Diane Pernet

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