Joey McMakin and his shoes at Maria Luisa and shoes at lunch and a smile from IQONS Rafael Jimenez

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today was Mario Canal’s last day in Paris before going back to Madrid. We met for lunch and he introduced me to Olivier and Joey McMakin, shoe designer. His first collection is currently at Maria Luisa and we looked at next S/S ‘s styles after lunch. I’ll give you an advance preview first and then show you a few of the pairs already stocked in a case dedicated just to him at Maria Luisa.
After lunch we went to Maria Luisa. I made Joey hold up his shoe box.
Joey McMakin
Mario, Joey and Olivier outside of Yamamoto.

Lesley and Rafael Jimenez, IQONS.COM

I stopped by Ferdi to meet Rafael of and met Lesley who looks just like an angel. He was going to be my assistant for the week but got a job as an architect instead. Guess that beats being my assistant.



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