Marjan Pejoski , more birthday celebrations and a drawing from miguel Vilalobos

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I am still visiting a few more showrooms before everyone packs up and leaves. Marjan Pejoski showed a beautiful collection. I always dream of him as creative director of a couture house because that is where he truly belongs.


Marjan says that he plans to show again in Paris next season, I’m looking forward to that.
Earlier in the day I visited Rendez-Vous and ran into Sasha B from Kokon To Zai and Miguel Villalobos and Graham Taber.
I asked Miguel what his illustrations looked like and he slipped off his sweater to show me the illustration on his t-shirt. He also made an illustration of me at my birthday dinner.



Lekelina and other models taken by Josef Schomburg in front of Louis Vuitton show

More collections later or tomorrow

Diane Pernet

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