Robb Young’s last night in Paris – midnight marked my birthday

Dear Shaded VIewers,

You will have to pass by later as we are still waiting for photographs from Sonny who by now is totally fashioned out, as are we all.

It’s no secret, I love Robb Young.

It was his last night in Paris and at midnight, my birthday so we decided to go to dinner. The plan was after dinner we were going to the Gaultier party at 22h30. I had heard that there would be a surprise fashion show. Thing was we did not finish dinner till midnight and the thought of being with a huge crowd of people was more than any of us could support. It was also Nuit Blanche which meant more drunken people walking in the streets of Paris and no hope of finding a taxi home. The birthday dinner for Sunday had gotten to be a bit of an embarassement. First I thought that since my friends were in town from Italy, Spain, NYC, London, etc. that it would be nice to select a resto and just all meet there. Then my friend Mark Eley proposed that instead, I visit his house in Bordeaux . I accepted and proceeded to cancel everyone that to that point I had invited. In the afternoon Mark found out that his offer, lovely as it was, was a bit premature and that the friend that he owns the house with and is the holder of the key was not even around to open the house up for us. At this point I could not even think of organizing anything else.


I asked my assistant, Alex, to book a place for 4 people as Robb had organized a dinner Saturday night with Sameer Reddy and fashion lawyer, Betsy, who I had never met before but totally enjoyed. It was more of a challange than I had expected as nearly every resto in Paris seemed to be booked. After 4 hours he found the St. James hotel which is so out of the fashion radar that they could have taken us at any hour. Dinner finished at midnight and none of us wanted to go to the Gaultier party by then or the S2A or Purple party either, As usual, finding a taxi in Paris was a nightmare and finally we gave up. The thought of walking home in my not so made for walking, Azzedine shoes was looming over me like a dark cloud. Fortunately I caught the last metro. Not the way I wanted to welcome in my new year but that was a better option than walking home.

Earlier in the day I interviewd IQONS first IQON, Walter Van Beirendonck. I had walked out of the house and forgot my digital camera. I’ve always loved Walter as I find him one of the coolest designers and clearly a real IQON. Aftewards I visited Devastee, Slobodan, Trash Couture and then had an interesting meeting with Valerie Chow, the marketing and communications director from the Pedder Group. Next was the Martin Grant show. Then it was the whole tiring resto story and at that point all I wanted to do was go home.

DP at midnight, don’t ask, 21 of course.

No digital camera so no pics from the day. More later when Sonny checks in. I’ve not made it yet to Rendez-Vous so will pass by today and attend the last few shows. Happy to have one more day with my driver.



Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.