Sonny Vandevelde reports in Day 4 Paris

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The order of the days may be a bit off but all of the beautiful photographs are from Sonny.
Karl Lagerfeld

Sophia Kokosalaki put together a lovely collection showcasing her draping and cutting skills.I felt that there was something lacking in the show production however as it tended to make her beautiful collection look a little bland. I was dreaming of the show she did in London with the damp skinned models looking like they had just been woken up from a deep sleep on the sand. I miss that show aspect that she was known for.
Sophia Kokosalaki

Dries makes clothes that all sizes and shapes of women want to wear. A huge applause followed the show, think flowers romantic, easy, modern shapes with even a little black slipping in from here and there.

Dries Van Noten


Hussein Chalayan was probably one of the strongest shows of the season. Photographers and press were going crazy, especially when Hussein sent out a dress that was not a dress and had a beautiful model nude on the catwalk. I wonder what Robert Altman would have thought about that.

Hussein Chalayan

This was what Sonny had to say about the Agnes B show…”Patti Smith came out to sing and her mic didn’t work so she threw it down and sang without it, that was the best part of the show.”

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James GOldstein and I outside the Dries Van Noten show photo by Josef Schomburg

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