Pret a Porter Pairs – a doll theme in many forms

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Here are a few highlights from my visit to the Pret a Porter Paris “Traffic de Mode”. I brought a few students from Paris Fashion Institute to the Pret today.
My first stop was to see Bas Kosters at his stand. One of my students fell in love with a red sweatshirt that he designed.

Next I visited Romy Smits who was at her stand with Maarten Statius Muller. Romy has developed an entire wooky concept which consists of matching collections including clothes, bags, light armatures, bathroom tiles and accessories. all designs are made with wooky shapes (her spiritual doll) which symbolise Romy’s inner child.

When I left Romy and Maarten I went back to the Shibuya section to take a look at the dolls. My favorites, and they were all pretty great, were Lutz and the dolls created by the Bunka students.


Another highlight was Yuken Teruya’s McDonald’s (Spice of life) – 2004 Private collection.




Diane Pernet

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