LA part 2 Cameron and Jeff throw a dinner party for You Wear it Well at cafe Stella

Dear Shaded Viewers,

On July 30th Cameron Silver of Decades hosted the warmest Welcome to LA dinner for You Wear it Well. It was not possible to wipe the smile off of my face. Here are a few happy moments.

DP with hosts Cameron and Jeff and Dino with Amy and Jeremy Scott. Booth Moore, Los Angeles Times and Tim Blanks, and DP with Cameron Silver
Brian Beker and Steve Olson and Richard Buckley and Brian Beker, the empty chair was mineNblrbNdinoandjeremyn
The back of Brian Leitch who decided that he only wanted to be shot from this angle and Richard Buckley and Jeremy Scott and Dino Dinco.


Tim Blanks was taking a picture of Cameron, Jeff and I and made a little film instead. It makes me smile. Thanks Tim.Download

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