The Passenger first film by Francois Rotger

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Passenger came out in Paris yesterday and my friend Amy anad I went to see it. First, I cannot believe that it is a French film because in general, contemporary French films don’t usually get to me. I don’t know why it just feels like in France if you hang around long enough, and are French, anything can get made. The fact that this is a first film is mindblowing. I might add that Francois Rotger used to be a fashion photographer, he gave that up years ago to pursue film. He left home at the age of 16 to live in London and Amsterdam. At 20 when he returned to France he studied at the Beaux Arts and two months after he was working as a graphic designer and a photographer.

This film feels more Japanese or let’s just say international. From the first grainy image of a dog race the film immediately pulls you in. Amy does not speak French and had no problem entering into the emotion and beauty of the film. It is not a dialogue driven film.The dogs are a metaphore for a race violent and aesthetic. A beautiful young man makes love with a high school girl. Both their parents are yakusas.
The children have to pay the debts of their parents. They are like the dogs desperately running.Img_1164
The beauty of the film is penetrating and I even liked the acting of Gabrielle Lazure under the direction of Francois Rotger, a new master. Francois is off to Canada working on his next film.

After the film we went to see the LA exhibit at the Pompidou Center. It closes on the l7th of July and I highly recommend it. James Turrell is a master of lighting and somehow seeing his work right after the film made perfect sense.



Diane Pernet

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