Elevation by Satch Hoyt

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Elevation is the latest work by New York based London artist, Satch Hoyt.


“Elevation” by Satch Hoyt Is currently exhibited in “The Beautiful Game” at Roebling Hall Gallery Chelsea New York, curated by Franklin Sirmans and Trevor Schoonmaker
At 62 inches high this new work of Hoyts automatically forces the viewer to view footbal from a different angle.
One is forced to either tip toe or bend, in this mutilayered piece the artist addresses the pop star
iconic status alloted to football players of all nations whist reminding us of the rampant racism that black players are still forced to endure in many countrys of europe.
In Hoyts table football game the players vibrate with an intensity of a small army of Congolese ritual figures on stilts, these figures are clad in a flocked uniform with real hair from Faisals barber shop in Harlesden london.
A bling blinding Swarovski crystal is placed in the tip of each handle of this elegantly crafted cherry wood structure.
Accompanied by one of Hoyts signature soundscapes featuring comments from Ian Wright, and John Barnes. to a backdrop of backward hooligan screams and manipulated samples.

Written by Hubert Hybrid.

“The Beautiful Game” Contemporary art and futbol
June 9- July 22
Roebling Hall Gallery
606 West 26th Street New York NY
Tel 1 212 929 8180



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