Air-dan and why don’t we see this kind of ground breaking design anymore?

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Looking at all of these vintage trailers and automobiles makes me wonder why  the automobile  industry no longer feels the need to push the boundries of design.
One response, from my cousin, is that overall most people have poor taste. "Even Airstream looks like junk today, who knows why they cannot hire a good designer and have them make a really cool design. Years ago they asked to borrow my l936 Airstream and try to copy it  but I refused to let them."

The image above is of a l936 Airstream which was the first year of production. Airstream sold years ago to Best Mayonaise, that’s about when it went downhill, they had no idea of what to do with the company.

If you want to see some beautiful design go to < > & click on archives on the left side, you’ll love:  French curves



Hey Mark, if you are reading this what do you think about one of these vintage trailers in next year’s Gumball rally?

Diane Pernet

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