Vassilis Zidianakis “Independent Costuem Curator” by Filep Motwary

Dear Shaded viewers,
a few days ago, Diane contacted me and asked whether it was possible for me to do some research on Vassilis Zidianakis (costume designer/historian; independent fashion curator and Artistic Director of ATOPOS),after they met at Festival D’Hyeres where he was one of the judges.


Zidianakis is  the man responsible for curating  the most important Fashion exhibitions in Athens and also  for other important projects including collaborations with Iannis Xenakis(Oresteia), Marcus Tomlinson ("Infusion",video featuring the Greek men’s skirt-this video also opened the last show of Giambattista Valli for Emanuel Ungaro’s S/S 2005 pret-a-porter collection / I WAS THERE and it was really beautifull/I felt really proud) and the collaboration with the video-artist,Jackie Nickerson. Vassilis called Jackie as the exhibition was coming to its end and she then filmed the Miyake installation and turned it into the beautiful video “Issey Miyake fete: Constellations”. Ptychoseis e exhibition based on the Issey Miyake FETE Installation designed by Tokujin Yoshioka). Drapery from Ancient Greek Dress to 21st Century Fashion) and brought Athens to the international fashion scene due to the fact that the research on the history of fashion made by Zidanakis was more than excellent.
During out meeting today with Zidianakis , I was informed about two future Fashion exhibitions. The first one is based on the paper dress era of the 1960’s, a project that ATOPOS has been working on for two years and the second is a project based on the idea of futuristic clothing and it’s diverse manifestations of futuristic style. For both events garments from the most famous designers, old and new, historical pieces and accessories are all going to be gathered together . Athens is more than excited for both great opportunities that are due to happen in 2007 and 2008.

I am sending you a video message for Diane ,some images of the ATOPOS research boards and finally Mr Zidianakis as my guide to the great paper dress archive which includes Warhols "Campbell Soup".
After my return for London  on the 21st of May , an interview of Mr Vassilis Zidianakis is scheduled for  you Diane and all Shaded Viewers .
Catch you later  xx

P.S. Thanks for the personal video message. xxx Diane

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Diane Pernet

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