DP in ODD at Large

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I am not sure if I look like the wicked witch, but I like it. I would not mind a few of those over sized beetles for my hair in black and in silver. This was an interpretation of a dream I had by an illustrator that appears in ODD at Large April/May issue, the coolest Swedish magazine. There is also a 4 page interview with me in the same issue. Do you read Swedish?


illustration by Marisa Fjarem



Happy Easter to all Shaded Viewers. Looking forward to your shorts. Please give a read to the pdf :


logo design by Pierre Marie Agin

P.S.S. Saw Larry Clark’s Wassup Rockers last night and aside from the great eye candy, Jeremy Scott and Janice Dickinson, I found the film to be less than stellar. I think that I recognized Echo Park from Dino Dinco’s photographs, am I right, Dino?

Diane Pernet

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