my afternoon with Delia Cancela

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Delia Cancela. She is currently in Paris  looking for a museum or a gallery to show her work. She lives between Paris and Buenos Aires. The V&A has several pieces from her first collection. In fashion they were known as Pablo and Delia and in the arts as  Cancela Mesejean. 
In l993 she had a show at Shisedo in Tokyo and in 2001 at the Judith Clarke
Costume Gallery in London and of course they are in the permanent collection of the V & A as stated above. Grace Coddington from British Vogue gave Pablo and Delia their first cover in 1970 when she discovered them. That was their first collection and Grace had their work photographed on Jean Schrimpton by Barry Lategon for British Vogue in  1971, Guy Bourdin photographed their work in l976 for French Vogue. The Anna Piaggi article was in Italian Vogue in 1975. Pablo and Delia were considered the avant garde artists from  Di Tella Institute, the center of the avant garde in Buenos Aires in the mid sixties.


She did not know me but she painted my portrait in 2004. This was in the National Foundation of the Arts in Buenos Aires.

Later, Diane

Diane Pernet

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