Matthieu Laurette with Matthieu Laurette and his shopping cart

Fri 20/01/2006 18:31 DianePERNET(1008)Matthieu_laurette

Fri 20/01/2006 18:31 DianePERNET(1008) I totally enjoyed talking with Matthieu Laurette about his Money Back project and what it felt like to be formed in clay. His system of social pirating enabeled him to live more cheaply by enjoying the advertiseing one-upmanship of the consumer society, like a form of anarchist social security. This installation was originally presented at the 49th Venice Biennal in 2001. I wish that I had photographed the blow up news articles for you but I suggest that you visit the Palais de Tokyo and read them for yourselves. The show is up until the 7th of May, great hours, noon to midnight.

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