“Notre Histoire” at Palais de Tokyo

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Friday night at 20h marks the next opening at Palais de Tokyo. The theme is the emerging art scene in France, the exhibit conisists of today and the memory of tomorrow. This is the last  expo before the changing of the guard, Jerome Sans and Nicolas Bourriaud will exit the Palais de Tokyo. The normal tenure at the Museum is 5 years, theirs had been extended an additional 3 years.


Twenty nine French artists will be represented in the exhibit including Abel Abdessemed, Boris Achour, Sadane Afif, Olivier Babin, Jules de Balincourt, Virginie Barre, Rebecca Bournigault, Mircea Cantor, Alain Declercq, Leandro Erlich, Laurent Grasso, Loris Grequd, Kolkoz,
Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, Matthieu Laurette, Michael Lin, Mathieur Mercier, Jean-Francois Moriceau and Petra Mrzyck, Nicolas Moulin, Valerie Mrejen, Bruno Peinado, Bruno Serralongue, Nathalie Talec, Agnes, Thurnauer, Bartelemy Toguo, Tatiana Trouve, Fabien Vershaere, Wang Du, propose a vast panorama of the French art scene which designs the future of France.

When you click on the images the artists names will be revealed.

Later, Diane

Diane Pernet

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