Yes, I believe that computers can be our friends, however, when a single image in iPhoto prevents the entire photo library from opening, then I have an issue with this “friend.” In fact, in my determination to iron out the problems with said “friend,” on more than one occasion, I was tempted to pour lots of freshly brewed coffee directly into my “friend’s” keyboard. That said, I fixed my glitch.

Downtown Los Angeles, taken a few days ago.


Fire and brimstone, anyone?

Tonight I went to the vernissage of an exhibition entitled, “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!” — a group show of — as quoted from the announcement — “stimulating erotic art by and for people of all sexual orientations.”
Group shows like this can sometimes be scary, with that “there’s something for everyone” mentality, but I was surprised to have liked more of the work than I had anticipated. A panel discussion about erotic art that I attended last year opened my eyes to the almost instant ghettoization by the mainstream art world of art that is labeled “erotic” (even with now-mainstream erotic art names like Tom of Finland). And each time that the ’80s has a revival, Patrick Nagel gets a breath of recycled air. Sure, there is an abundance of shitty erotic art, especially in contemporary fashion photography where you’re almost meant to feel stodgy and way out of touch with your sexual side if you find point-and-shoot beaver and schlong shots not only un-erotic but actually quite boring.

That said, who can touch the gorgeous and iconic Louise Bourgeois holding one of her mega-dong sculptures? (And she’s not even selling anti-sweat shop fabricated underwear.)

(Photo by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1982)

My friend Hector Silva was showing a collection of his super-macho-homo illustrations, many of Latino homeboys, some revealing steamy moments of action.


Hector Silva

In addition to Hector, the artists include: Alfredo de Batuc, Joe Bravo, Mario Calvano, Carlos Flores, Roger Fojas, Margaret Garcia, Emilie Harvey-Zeug, Tom Hernandez, Radhika Hersey, Jose L. de Juan, Christine Karas, Stacy Lande, Fei Lu, Louie Metz, Minoru, Roberto Munguia, Angela Ortiz, Gregory Prescott, Ramon Ramirez, John Rand, Scott Spencer, Janna stern, P. Willams

Carlotta’s Passion Fine Art; http://www.carlottaspassion.com/
The exhibition runs from 15 January – 14 February, 2006

Dino Dinco
Los Angeles