The New FACE of Mexico City photographed by Enrique Gonzalez and an electronic post card from Ranko Bon and his Flying Saucer

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Look forward to a new contributor from Mexico City, Enrique Gonzalez. The club scene at Patrick Miller  has a stratified system where the regulars have a
special place and if you want to join them you have to challenge them
on the dance floor.  Wicked.  Who would’ve known this is Mexico…



Enrique Gonzalez

MY FLYING SAUCER  (January 12, 2006) by Ranko Bon

Between dreams, all of which I forgot by the morning, I spent much of the night designing my flying saucer.  The vehicle of my dreams.  Therefore, I did not concern myself with technical details.  Or the scientific and engineering feats needed to make the vehicle.  Instead, I dealt with the saucer

Diane Pernet

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