back to business by nn

after a month or so of hibernation, i’m now back on track. my posting frenzy was however a bit delayed with the breakdown of my computer, great timing! how can something as simple can be as frustating at the same time, the joy of technologies…
i was pleased to meet diane at the jeppe hein exhibition at yvon lambert last saturday.
the mirrors installation that diane has photographed is an extension of his september venue at the beaubourg museum that included a virtual labyrinth. this time around the labyrinth is for real. jeppe explores once again the history of labyrinths (from the ancient egypt to the french 19th century gardens).
it has this very dramatic and cinematographic touch to it (each and every visitor has his own reference). you see people faces everywhere reflected by the mirrors and get a bit paranoid (that’s for me) but i guess that it’s mostly fun for everyone else. la foire du tr