Pierre Carrilero, aka Pierrot, gives us winter on 5th street and the bowery

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It’s cold in Paris but it is snowing in NYC. My dear friend Pierre aka Pierrot sent me a few words and images from his adopted city:

"Of course 2 hours after the snow it was slush and we all had to avoid walking to close to the road….major splashing..thanks to the new york cabs and department of road trucks….Angus and i were really filthy..Friday was of course in my coat not having it….enjoy some new york snow…."

Remember a few days ago I told you to go out and see 40 Shades of Blue and mentioned that my friend Eric Daman did the costumes and production design? That is him on the bottom right hand photo with the dogs and the blue jacket. That is Pierre on the upper left with Friday in his arms.

Miss those guys.



Diane Pernet

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