DP by Noelani Malley at Yvon Lambert ‘s Simplified by Jeppe Hein

photo by Noelani Malley

More on the actual art by NN tomorrow, stay tuned…

Sweet dreams,


P.S. Levi Palmer, a Central Saint Martins student that designed the pins that I wear holding my veil got a very nice note today from J. T. Leroy:

I wore yer necklace in a commercial for BBC Channel
4! And in a
Japaneses photoshoot! I will get stills and send
them to you! Everyone
asked me who made the bone and eeryone loved and
they LOVED your name!
Yer work is fantastic!!!  Get out there and SHINE!

That is super cool Levi, congratulations.
Levi Palmer modeling for a student fashion show at the graduate class Central Saint Martins.

Diane Pernet

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