Dead’s t-shirt for DAA and XMAS shopping on rue des Gardes and in Milan

IDear Shaded Viewers,

Earlier in the day I told you that I was looking forward to  Nonnie, aka DEAD‘s, t-shirt for DAA, well, here it is:


Please visit and find out more about the project then you can go to to see the shirts on line. Before the bidding starts the t-shirts will be travelling to various cities like Berlin, Paris, St. Petersburg, Florence and of course their home base, Antwerp.



P.S. Did you notice that when you open Google there is a red ribbon? Maybe they do it every year but it is the first time that I noticed.

Three late night weekends for Christmas shopping on , rue des Gardes starting this Friday and Saturday from 11h to 20h and Sunday 14h to 18h and the same hours till Sunday December 18th.

Not to be missed are the wonderful handbags and luggage for men and women at  N

Diane Pernet

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