A few more images from the Stella Fashion Awards

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Here are a few more images from the Stella Fashion Awards, first the view from my terrace.

As I was standing on my terrace Roger Tredre, RdC of WGSN  appeared and so we decided to walk over to the Goodbye Brunch together. About ten years ago Roger and I both used to work for Joyce Ma’s magazine, Joyce, Hong Kong. It was fun seeing an old friend. Lots has happened since then, WGSN for one thing, marriage, a baby and another one on the way.

More images from the show:
David Szeto and his collection, that is him at breakfast and above, his beautiful coat and a few pieces in the finale.


Christian Wijnants’s green skirt and the finale. Jury reactions to his show, above Bronwyn Cosgrave next to Horacio Silva from the New York Times’ T Magazine. Next to them Alexander SHUMSKY from Art e Fact and the man considered to be the Tsar of Russian Fashion Week.


Haider Ackerman looking terribly handsome in his crown with Swiss Textiles’ Ronald Weisbrod. Christian Wijnants in the crown with one of his models.


Christian Wijnants tries to give Robb Young a flower from his bouquet but he could not get it free. A detail shot of Christian’s amazing fringe dress. There was a whole series of them.

A few shots from the breakfast, Kevin Lee, RdC, West East and West East Men, considered the most influencial Chinese man in fashion and Christos Papsthasiore.
Robb Young at breakfast, the first minute in months that he can relax. He did a great job and earned that beautiful smile.

A few more images from the event.

Charles ANastase with his models after his show and in the morning we did a short interview. I wanted to know how he was feeling. Great, life is going very well, since his last show he has a new relationship with an Italian fabric company and has plans to produce his current collection in Italy. He said that the mood back stage the night before was like a family. He said he knew from the beginning that Christian was going to win, they all felt that judging from how the jury reacted.

Robin Schulie, buyer from Maria Luisa checking out of the hotel, he ate in his room as he is not very social in the morning and Robin and Robb Young at the cocktail the night before.
Rebecca Voight, ZOO, at the airport after having to spent too much time convincing Air Swiss to give her a return ticket. She missed her flight on the way to Switzerland and when that happens you have to call the airline and tell them so that they do not cancel your return as well. I knew about the cancellation but what I did not know was that you had to notify the airline of what happened and then they would put you back on the flight. She convinced them, luckily, as they wanted her to purchase the return ticket. Now we all know how it works. It took a while but she never lost her sense of humor. I love Rebecca, she is always making me smile.

Later, Diane


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