new york venues by nn

day 3
gallery shows are so numerous in chelsea. so i won’t get into details. i especially noticed one video by andy warhol (how original) at cheim&read entitled blowjob. warhol asked someone to get a blowjob from any of the young guys hanging around at the factory (those were the days). the video is a close-up of the guy’s face getting blown and enjoying the ride. this video was just so emblematic of the pre-aids era, don’t hitnk we’d anything like this any soon. nn

day 5
opening of performa, the first biennale of performance art held in new york. jesper just opened the event with a incredibly high-tech and poetic performance. the ‘play’ was highly homo-erotic, an actor was senerading a 3D version of a young man. the whole was esthetically beautiful but i just can’t figure out the underlying meaning (if there is one)…
don’t miss the venues related to the event that are held all over manhattan. nn