new york venues by nn

day 1
rushed from the airport to the ps1 opening but i could have just as well gone directly to the flat…
the first exhibition is all about isabelle huppert and the artists that took pictures (not the least). but then again when you are not a huppert fan you are just plain bored. the second exhibition was a group show with some interseting works but i just too damned tired to concentrate. anyhow i wouldn’t say that it’s worth going there. nn

day 2
the moma contemporary galleries were splendid. it was a thrill to see each and every work. it would be too long to go through everything.
a temporary show was on display amid the collection entitled stillness. the videos by sam taylor-wood were mesmerizing. nature mortes or portraits turn out to be more than simple stills but videos, living paintings.
yesterday was held at dia chelsea the launch of a book by andrea frazer (museum highlights at MIT press). lynne cooke first introduced the artist. then andrea frazer began with what seemed a very simple and touching speech and turned out to be a performance, a cynical and hilarious playdoyer on what’s wrong in the art world, relatively close to stand-up comedy. the best performance i’ve seen so far. nn