Army of Dianes ready to attack AIDS and Francois Lavaux’s Science Fiction collection

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I told you yesterday that I was collaborating with Pierre Marie Agin on my DAA t-shirt. Here are the army of Dianes ready to attack AIDS. Now the t-shirt is black, a bit smaller than it was originally and all the mini lion-dianes are printed and will be ironed on to the t-shirt tomorrow.

Thanks Pierre-Marie.Pmfordpaides

A few pieces from Francois Lavaux who was inspired by Science Fiction (Dune, Tron) and Dario Argento from the 70’s Romy Schneider and Horror movies, Cheap Dance Music from the beginning of the 90’s/Gothic + Techno/Religious.

Francois was in the festival d’Hyeres fashion festival last May.



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