Mario Canal and his Passage Souterrain: Ex Manibus expo and Peter Greenaway at the Centre Pompidou


Curator of the Passage Souterrain, Mario Canal had this to say about his present exhibition:

Hi Diane, I send you images of the Passage’s new piece, created by Spanish
artist Fernando Sanchez Castillo. He works with ideas like history and the
aesthetic of power.
The piece is a stencil graffiti that means something like "all this beauty, all
this beautiful buildings and signs of power, come from the blood of the
colonies we massacred". Well, it’s a free translation from Latin expression
Ex Manibus -more or less litteral translation "from outside"-. It’s  founded in
a pergamino at the Coliseo in Rome.
Hope you like it.


Now back to the shows, I missed Veronique and do not want the same thing to happen with the Olivier Theyskens at Rochas show, my ticket never arrived…so I need to be on time to deal with that.

Later, Diane

Diane Pernet

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