Victim fashion St by Mei Hui Liu and Racheal Matthews/dj for the Victim party at the end of Mei Hui’s show Wwwcastoff.Info rachael’s book knitorama out in october, knitted wedding october 9th

Tue 20/09/2005 20:34 DianePERNET(1121)
Tue 20/09/2005 20:34 DianePERNET(1121)image is of Racheal Matthews at Mei Hui’s show

Victim fashion st by Mei Hui was drenched with tea stained fairy tale clothes living in a sepia toned parallel dimension. Unfortunately all you see here is the dj and also author of Knitoramma, Racheal Matthews because the arm that turned on one of the lights for the show was shining directly into my video camera and basically killed my shoot. You will have to take my word for it that this was Mei Hui’s best collection but get someone to help with the lights next time. The daughter of one of the Chapman twins was modeling in her show and she is a real killer. Sorry that I cannot show her to you. Contact or for images and more information. Later, Diane

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