Dino Dinco at the Galerie Baumet Sultana where Elysian Park is up until the 22nd of October

Wed 14/09/2005 16:38 DianePERNET(1088)
Wed 14/09/2005 16:38 DianePERNET(1088)
Dino looking very serious

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I missed Dino’s
openings but we met for a private viewing today all the while the
gallery was filling up with his admirers. I love nature but am totally
urban and walking in the Galerie Baumet Sultana and
being surrounded by a forrest was the perfect touch with nature that I
was needing. It was refreshing, mysterious and some how erotic. It’s
amazing to think that this patch of nature is in the center of Los
Angeles. One of these days I have to go there for a visit, not the
park….the city. 

Welcome to Paris Dino and see you at Anina’s  blogging conference on October 3rd between 1 – 3, place to be announced.

Elysian Park exposition continues at the Galerie Baumet Sultana until the 22nd of October.



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